Founded in 1984 by Daniel Laliberté and Stéphane Payment, the company now commands a large share of the Canadian market. With strong demand for quality modern instruments and for the restoration of historical organs, the exportation to the United States and Europe is now underway. Celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary this year, Laliberté-Payment enjoys a solid reputation, built on quality, creativity, and personalized service. Laliberté-Payment is now a leader in the field, and a mark of guaranteed satisfaction in all things related to pipe organs, — as demonstrated by more than 550 annual maintenance contracts and a full range of products produced according to the highest standards set by organ builders' associations.

A few significant dates:

- 1984: Year of the foundation
- 1989: First contract in USA
- 1998: Premiere of the Neuve-France organs
- 2001: Expansion of the workshop
- 2004: New partnership with Guilbault-Thérien Inc
- 2012: Acquisition of the clientele of Orgues Baumgarten


With a full range of specializations and experienced artisans, the company restores organs with tubular-pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, tracker, and direct-electric action. The inclusion of a professional engineer on its team allows the company to respond to the new reality of pipe organs by incorporating cutting-edge technology, such as computerized systems. Renowned for their superb tonal finishing through voicing, they have researched and traveled extensively, particularly in Europe and the United States, where they worked on both modern and historical organs in several organ voicing and scaling schools. In tandem with organists, they can design and produce all types of historical temperaments.