Organ Parts



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Wood varieties of the finest quality. Mechanical (with key channels), and electro-pneumatic systems. Complete inventory of tracker parts.


Complete MIDI hardware for pipe organ. Keyboard and pedalboard MIDI conversion.

Organ Control Systems and Combination Action

System designed to capture specific organ registrations to be recalled by the organists while they are playing. Distributor of Solid State Organ Systems, Laukhuff, and Peterson. photo


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Pneumatic components

Primary pneumatics, bellows for mechanical relays. Made with high quality chrome tanned leathers.


Prime quality wood. Standard and cuneiform reservoirs. Leather on the reservoirs and pneumatic components come from the best specialized tanners of Italy and the United States.

Organ Case

Available in several varieties of wood. Designed* according to required specifications. Front pipes in polished metal or wood. Optional engravings, sculptures or painted motifs on the pipes or on the case. *3D organ design


High and low speed blowers. Static pressure and wind volume in CFM required for the organ. Distributor of British Organ Blowing and Konyves. Silencing cabinet, connecting flange, supply switch and filter system.

Power Supply

30 to 75 amps. Precision regulated (load regulation <1.5%) Switch-mode technology. Clean DC output. Thermal/overload protection. Quiet fan operation. photo