Restoration and Voicing


Laliberté-Payment recommends that the restoration of an organ conform to its original construction, although, subject to thorough evaluation, it still remains open to the legitimate improvements of modern organ building. Our guiding principle is authenticity.


A special climate-controlled room within the factory is used for voicing organ pipes. The voicing jack equipped with a custom software helps the voicer to increase the quality and productivity of tonal finishing. Daniel Laliberté is the resident voicer as well as tonal director.  
Photos of voicing

We are covered by a complete insurance policy.

Stages in the restoration process:

  • Releathering
  • Solid State Conversion
  • Addition of stops
  • New tonal design
  • Revarnishing

  • Revoicing
  • Relocation
  • Rebuilding
  • MIDI conversion
  • Electrification