Tuning and Temperament



Tuning can be done at desired intervals, on call or during tuning visits included in your maintenance contract.


On request, we can build a new temperament according to specific requirements.

Complete list of our available temperaments:

Agricola (Martin, 1539, 1543, 1545) 
A Merrick Q-E
Alexander Metcalf Fisher
Ammerbach (1571) 
Ammerbach (1583, Interpretation 1) 
Ammerbach (1583, Interpretation 2)
Anton Bemetzrieder Pythagorean
Augustus De Morgan unequal

Bach (Billeter, Well-Tempered) 
Bach (Kelletats, 1966) 
Bach (Kellner, Well-Tempered) 
Bach (Kellner, 1977) 
Bach (Klais) 
Bach (Lehman)
Barnes (1971) 
Barnes (1977) 
Bendeler (Fractions) 
Bendeler III 
Bermudo (1555) 
Bossart I - III
Bremmer EBVT-1
Bremmer EBVT-2
Bremmer EBVT-3
Broadwood Best
Bruder (1829) 

Charles E Moscow Pythagorean
Christiaan Huygens 31
Coleman 4
Coleman 11
Coleman 16
Comma - Temperament (1/7) 
Comma - Temperament (1/8)
Comma - Temperament (1/9) 
Comma - Temperament (2/9) 
Comma - Temperament (1/10) 
Comma - Temperament (3/11)

Diatonic (Chromatic addition)

Early 18th-cent
Ellis tuner 2
Ellis tuner 4
Ellis tuner 5 Q-E
Ellis 1875 Q-E
Ellis 1885 Q-E
Equal-beating Charles Earl Stanhope
Equal-beating Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Equal-beating John Preston
Equal-beating Prinz
Equal Tempered, Perfect Octave 
Equal Tempered, Perfect Fourth 
Equal Tempered, Perfect Fifth 
Equal Tempered, Streched (1.0 Cent) 
Equal Tempered, Streched (1.25 Cent) 
Equal Tempered, Streched (1.5 Cent) 

Factory tuners 1840 Q-E
Fisk II
Francesco Antonio Vallotti

Ganassi (1543) 
George Frederick Handel
Gioseffo Zarlino 2 7th
Goebel (1967) 
Gottfried Keller 1 5th ditonic
Grammateus (1518) 

Harald Vogel 1-5 comma meantone
Henricus Grammateus Pythagorean
Howard Willet Pyle Q-E

Jean Jousse Q-E
Jean Jousse
Jean-Le Rond DAlembert
Jean-Le Rond DAlembert well
Johann Christian Gottlieb Graupner Q-E
Johann George Neidhardt Pythagorean
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Q-E
John Holden 1 5th syntonic
John Marsh 4 25th syntonic
Just Tempered (Schugk) 
Just Tempered (Barbour)

Kelletat (1960) 
Kelletat (1966) 
Kirnberger I - IIII
Lambert (1774)
Lublin (1540)
Malcolm (Alexander, 1721)
Mark Wicks Q-E
Marpurg I - XII
Meantone # (-1/4) 
Meantone b (-1/4) 
Meantone (-1/4) (LargeThird) 
Meantone 1/4 Syntonic
Meantone (Small third) 
Meantone (Homogeneous) 
Meantone (Homogeneous third) 
Meantone (Homogeneous gradated)
Meantone 17th-cent
Meantone 1797
Meantone 1799
Mersenne (Fractions) 
Mersenne (Marin, 1636)

Naturally harmonious (Thirds) 
Naturally harmonious 
Neidhardt-Marpurg-De Morgan Pythagorean
Neidhardt (1724, Grosse Stadt) 
Neidhardt (1732, Dorf) 
Neidthardt I - III

Organ of Freiberg (Silbermann-Orgel, 1985) 
Organ of Fribourg (Manderscheidt-Orgel, 1640) 
Organ of Hamburg (Schnitger-Orgel, 1993) 
Organ of Maihingen (Baumeister-Orgel, 1737) 
Organ of Muri (Evangelien-Orgel) 
Organ of Niederbobritzsch (Göthel-Orgel) 
Organ of Weingarten (Gabler-Orgel, 1750) 
Organ of Weingarten (Gabler-Orgel, 1983)

Peter Prelleur well
Pietro Aaron quarter syntonic
Pythagorean 14th-cent
Pythagorean (Perfect) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Cb - E) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Db - F#) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Ebb - G) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Fb - A) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain F - A#) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Gb - B) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Ab - C#) 
Pythagorean (Fifth chain Bb - D#)
Pythagorei comma (3-Split) 
Pythagorei comma (4-Split) 
Pythagorei comma (5-Split) 
Pythagorei comma (6-Split) 
Pythagorei comma (6 & 12-Split) 

Rameau (-1/4) 
Ramis de Pareia (1482) 
Reinhard (Andreas, 1604)
Rep 18th cent
Rep Victorian
Rousseau French Standard
Rossi (-1/5) 
Rossi (-2/9) 

Salinas (-1/3)
Schlick (Barbour) 
Schlick (Dupont)
Schlick (Lange) 
Schlick (Ratte) 
Schlick (Schugk) 
Schlick (Tessmer) 
Schlick (Vogel) 
Schneegass I - III (1590) 
Silbermann (-1/6) 
Silbermann (1/6)
Stanhope (1801)
Stanhope 1-3 Comma
Stanhope Equal Beating
Syntonic comma (2-Split)
Syntonic comma (4-Split) 
Syntonic comma (5-Split)

Theoretical Charles Earl Stanhope
Theoretical Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Theoretical John Preston
Theoretical Prinz
Thomas Young 1
Trost (Johann Caspar, 1677) 
Tuners Guide Becket Q-E
Tuners Guide Marsh Q-E
Tuners Guide well 1 - 3

Van Zwolle 
Veroli (Almost Equal)
Veroli (Ordinaire) 
Viennese Q-E

Werckmeister I - IV
Wiegleb (1790)
William Hawkes 1 6th Mecator
William Hawkes meantone
William Tansur

Young I - II

Zarlino (-2/7)